Angela Sarafyan Naked In The Chair For Examination In Westworld

The HBO show Westworld is a re-imagination of a 1970s Michael Crichton movie starring Yul Brenner. The basic premise of the story is that a private company has created a theme park (Michael Crichton loves theme parks) that has cyborgs which look, act, and feel like real people and of course the whole world is set in the old west. The conflict in the show arises when some of the characters start to remember their past lives that were supposedly erased when they are put into a new story line. Leading some to question whether the artificial lifeforms are actually alive.

Angela Sarafyan plays one of these artificially created people whose current role is a hooker in the local saloon in Westworld. Since these are machines Angela Sarafyan’s character needs constant maintenance and they typically bring the character out of Westworld and into a laboratory/staging area. A nude Angela Sarafyan is seen getting examined by Westworld doctors frequently throughout the first season of the show.

Angela Sarafyan Naked In A Chair Being Examined In Westworld

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