Elisabeth Shue Pouring Whiskey On Her Boobs In Leaving Las Vegas

Leaving Las Vegas is an incredibly depressing picture where Nick Cage plays a sad guy who decides to go to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. Almost immediately after arriving there he meets a prostitute (Elisabeth Shue) who is more than willing to help him do it. Because he’s drunk all the time he can’t get an erection or have sex with her so Elisabeth Shue’s character feels comfortable with him, but constantly teases him and tries to get him to behave like the guys that she is used to. While he is getting drunk by the pool, Elisabeth Shue is swimming. She gets out in a black one piece bathing suit, wet from head to toe and walks over to Nick Cage and straddles him. Elisabeth Shue then slowly pulls down the top of her bathing suit top exposing her bare breasts. Nick Cage then begins to suck on her nipple as Elisabeth Shue pours whiskey over her boobs and her tries to drink it.




Nude Elisabeth Shue Topless Riding Nick Cage In Leaving Las Vegas

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