Cerina Vincent Having Sex With Her Character’s Boyfriend In Cabin Fever

I liked Cabin Fever as a horror movie, however, this movie is disgusting. There’s no other way to put it. I remember when Cabin Fever came out on On-demand and I turned to my roommate and said “Hey, you wanna watch the most disgusting movie ever created?”. Actually the two sequels that Cabin Fever spawned were equally as gross if not more so. Really the only hot, attractive part about Cabin Fever (Jordan Ladd looks hot, but she gets sick early and doesn’t have a nude sex scene) is Cerina Vincent. In the movie Cerina Vincent plays a hot young co-ed who goes on vacation to check out a cabin in the woods she rents out with some of her friends. She of course brings along her preppy pretentious boyfriend and they almost immediately jump into the sack. Cerina Vincent gets totally naked and he gets on top of her missionary style and pumps into her nude body quite a few times. All the while her boobs are bouncing up and down, like I said its the hottest part in whole franchise.

Cerina Vincent Hard Missionary Fucking In Cabin Fever

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